Forms of Violence Against Children

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Know The Forms of Violence Against Children

Violence against children is ...
physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment and death.

Physical Violence:

Today's parents and childcare givers face different challenges and stresses than those of earlier generations. Adults become stressed from life's daily challenges and can even be the product of child abuse themselves. That's when Physical Violence can occur. They become upset with kids and - suddenly they're shaking, slapping, hitting, kicking, burning, choking, pinching, paddling, shoving, whipping, biting, pulling hair, throwing things at them, and stabbing and shooting them.

Sexual Abuse:

is a child becoming a sexual partner for an adult. Anyone under the age of 18 who is used by an adult for sexual gratification is being Sexually Abused. Sexual abuse is fondling, exhibitionism, and intercourse. If you notice sudden changes in your child's behavior, bedwetting, fears and phobia, significant changes in school performance, hesitancy to be alone with a certain person, age inappropriate sexual knowledge, promiscuity and language; sore, red, bleeding, itching, burning genital areas, discharge and unusual odors, pain on urination, stained underpants, sexually transmitted diseases, self-destructive behavior, acting more immature and infantile, running away - this can be Sexual Abuse. If a child tells you they've been sexually abused, believe them - children rarely lie about sexual abuse

Emotional and Verbal Harm:

undermines a child's foundation, spirit, and psychological and social development. Calling a child names, yelling, screaming, threats, bullying, comparing kids negatively to others, public and private humiliation and shaming, unrealistic and extreme demands made on a child, intentional withholding of a parent's love and affection, and telling them "they're no good, worthless, bad or a mistake" ... this is extremely harmful to kids. Their self-esteem is shattered — possibly throughout their adulthood, and can affect their whole lives.

Neglect and Abandonment:

is a deliberate refusal and failure of parents toprovide their children with ample food, ample and appropriate clothing, inappropriate and/or no shelter, guidance and supervision, inadequate hygiene, and the proper medical and dental health care. A refusal and failure to provide nurturing, and -- physical and emotional affection, (not telling kids you love them, not hugging them, not praising them, not paying attention) and abandoning children -- are all acts of neglect and abandonment and, undermines a child's foundation, spirit, and psychological and social development.


Child violence and harm at its worst form.

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