Are Your Children’s Photos Safe On The Internet?

Are Your Children’s Photos Safe On The Internet?

Many parents develop web sites and post their kids’ pictures on the Internet for their family and friends. And many have used MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Although creating a wonderful photo and video gallery, parents should consider that their children’s images can be linked on the Internet. Along with their photos are their names and if parent’s post their address or even their town, that information as well.

Your children’s privacy and safety are so important. There are tools on the Internet that allow people to search names and addresses. If a predator or kidnapper has your child’s photo and your name and address, your child’s safety could be in jeopardy.

If parents feel compelled to share their children’s photos online, it is wise to choose web-based photo-sharing options that allow you to keep the sharing between family and friends and not in the public domain.

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