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Violence against children is completely preventable!

Get Angry And SAVE A Child.
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What You Can Do To Help.

Recognize the warning signs of violence against children. 
These can include when the parent or caregiver:

  • has previously abused a child
  • fails to maintain the child's proper hygiene or care
  • appears to lack love or concern
  • has alcohol or drug problems
  • has emotional problems or mental illness
  • was abused as a child
  • has high stress factors, including poverty

Counseling or parenting classes may prevent violence when any of these factors are present. Watchful guidance and support from the extended family, friends, clergy, or other supportive persons may prevent abuse or allow early intervention in cases of abuse.

If you even suspect a that a child is being harmed or neglected, it is your duty to report it. All of these children deserve to be protected and it's up to us.

50% of Americans have failed to report child violence and neglect!
Could you have helped a child by reporting violence and neglect against them?

You may be saving a life and, at the very least -- saving a child from the pain and terror of being harmed and neglected! You'll never know what it feels like unless you've been there yourself and hopefully — you never were!

Call the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 
TDD: 1-800-222-4453, 24 hours a day 

Click on Resources or Reporting Violence and Neglect for local state reporting numbers

Don't be afraid. Take action. Even of you just suspect abuse - it is necessary to file a report. It must be investigated. You can make a report anonymously

Giving the child's name, age, address, parent's names and any other pertinent information will greatly help the child in the investigation. 

Facts About Violence Against Children 
Forms of Violence and Neglect Against Children 
Signs of Violence Against Children 
What Makes People Harm and Neglect Children
What You Can Do To Help 
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For more information on Reporting and how you can get involved, see our Public Awareness and Advocacyand Resource sections of this Web site. 

   How You Can Help Prevent Violence Against Children

Nurture all children
Report violence against children — even if you only suspect it
Become a child advocate
Help a parent in trouble
Volunteer at a child abuse center
Help create public awareness
Develop parenting resources in your schools, day care and after school centers, libraries, churches, synagogues, and club affiliations


It's Time To Break The Cycle of Violence Against Children ... Before It Starts!

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